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The Best Quarterbacks In History


Quarterback is undoubtedly one of the most significant positions held by a player in sports. He carries the dreams and hopes of not only his team, but also of his innumerable fans, on his shoulders. Playing under immense pressure, he is expected to show incredible leadership skills, along with strategic[…]

Sports Games Algorithm System


BBF Signals was developed from a Proprietary Sports Games Algorithm System with a powerful array of Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics, used to identify the highest winning probabilities of selective MLB Baseball, NBA Basketball and NFL Football Games with 90% accuracy in-the-money.

Auction Of Indian Premier League IPL-8


IPL is an annual Twenty-20 cricket tournament which was inaugurated in 2008.  IPL-8 is scheduled from 8 Apr-24 May . Today the Action of teams for this season is organised at Bangalore. Here is the detail of the Auction- 08:59 AM – The auction will be conducted by Richard Madley, a professional auctioneer[…]